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Magna Carta Tabard

by janet on 2 August 2020

10 Ceremonial tabard at Walkern Magna Carta Fair by Peter Ravilious 01In 2014 nine Walkern volunteers set to work on an elaborate, ceremonial tabard to commemorate the village’s link to Magna Carta. Most of the volunteers had no previous embroidery experience, but were under guidance from local expert Clare, and the Royal School of Needlework.

The Tabard is based on a richly embroidered and gold-worked garment such as might have been made in Medieval times to celebrate an important person such as William de Lanvalei. The design was taken from elements on the newly designed Walkern Flag, and the back of the tabard is as richly decorated as the front.

Since 2015 the tabard, along with the Great Helm, has been put on permanent display in St Mary’s Church near where William de Lanvalei’s effigy lies.

Here are some photos of the journey taken by the embroiderers, and the journey taken by the finished tabard during our Magna Carta festivities.




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