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Magna Carta Events

by janet on 1 August 2020

See the Magna Carta events held at Walkern:

Sunday 14th June 2015
LiberTea at the URC
2.00pm the Tea Service – a short informal service of thanks giving, followed by afternoon tea and the unveiling of Walkern?s facsimile of Magna Carta, donated by the National MC 800th Committee

Strike a Blow for Democracy at St Mary’s Church
3.00pm . The Tower bells at St Mary?s will ring – dust off your handbells/bike bells/Christmas bells and join the national celebrations to mark the anniversary of Magna Carta.

22 June 2015, 8.30am at United Reformed Church, Wallkern
Magna Carta Cycle Ride and Breakfast
Join Lance Allen for breakfast at Walkern URC from 8.30am as part of his 8-day bike ride to visit all 22 Magna Carta Baronies around the UK.

Friday 26th June 2015
Medieval Day at Walkern Primary School
School fair; Hautbois medieval musicians; Magna Carta play; and lots more?

Saturday 27th June 2015
Service of Dedication at St Mary?s Church
9.00am. Medieval costumed walk through the village carrying William de Lanvalei?s heraldic ?achievement? of embroidered tabard, flag and Great Helm, to St Mary?s where a service of dedication will take place.

Saturday and Sunday, 27th and 28th June 2015, 10am – 5pm
Medieval Fair and Re-enactment at Walkern Hall
A weekend of 13th century life, including longbow archery, falconry, music, crafts, skill of arms displays. Plenty of stalls, food and drink, plus Knight School for children, displays and exhibitions, and a siege engine competition!

Friday-Sunday 14-16th August 2015
Magna Fest at the White Lion
Following the success of last year’s Magna Fest, the music festival featuring local bands is returning to Walkern?s Elizabethan pub

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