Wright’s Brewery

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Wright’s Brewery

This section includes articles on Wright’s Victoria Brewery, established in Walkern by Samuel Wright in the mid nineteenth century

A 1973 interview with Fred Wright

A 1973 interview with Fred Wright By Bob Bruce for the December 1973 issue of the Walkern Journal Beermaking in the early middle ages was a domestic chore, starting from monasteries. Most Inns had a brew house attached - and its own special brew....

Adverts & photos

Advertisements & photographs of Wright's Brewery, Walkern

Aerial photo of Wright's Brewery

Aerial photo of Wright's Brewery Probably in 1964. From Cecil Beadle's Walkern collection  

Brewery House

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Jon Rees September 15, 2020 at 5:05 am

In 1970 Nobel School (the original Telford Rd site) started a School Council . This was run entirely by 6th formers. I cycled to Walkern to arrange for Wright’s fizzy drinks to be delivered to the school to be sold at our fledgling tuck shop. Lovely drinks with a good choice of flavours.


David Washbrook June 2, 2020 at 5:50 pm

Re Wrights of Walkern cider.
We bought a house in Wright’s Orchard, Aston in 1977. It was said to be the orchard for Wrights of Walkern and we had the last remaining apple tree. The apples were profuse and great to eat or cook with the rather grand name of Peasgood Nonsuch a variety produced during Victorian times. We saved tree but sadly after we moved the tree disappeared. We are now growing a new tree of the same variety so the legend continues.


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