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Cottages in Walkern

Bockings Cottages

Bockings, the lane opposite St Mary's churchyard, once had a group of seven cottages along its eastern side. The three brick dwellings in the middle were called Cambridge cottages because they belonged to King's College Cambridge, who owned the St Mary's...

Brewery House

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Memories of 20 Totts Lane by Brian Albon

A description of 20 Totts Lane as it was circa 1974 Members of the Parker family had lived in Totts Lane from the 1880s both in No 20 and the house next door. At the front of the house there was a wall I don?t remember any gate. There was a...

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The King's Cross

The King's Cross, Clay End A late 17th century, timber framed house. Two storeys high it was originally a 3-cell house with a central-chimney,

The Medieval Rectory at Clay End

Walkern's Medieval Rectory The rectory before Daniel Gorsuch built the brick rectory for his son John in 1632, was sited within the medieval Walkern Park. The most likely contender for the original building is this house, now two residences, at Clay...

The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory The Old Rectory, now a private house, was built around 1632 for Rector Dr John Gorsuch (1600-48). It is an early example of a brick house, described in 1638 as having: 'below, one parlour, a hall, a kitchen, a milk house, a brew house,...

The Red Lion

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Walkern Hall (Clay Hall)

Walkern Hall (Clay Hall) Coming soon, articles on Walkern Hall (formerly Clay Hall) and its most famous residents including William Gosling, John Horsey Waddington and John Izzard Pryor, ...  

Water Mill

An extract from A Mill on the Beane Written by James Currey for the Walkern Journal Click the book cover to access The WHS Shop and buy the book. .. Walkern Flour Mills stand guard at the southern entrance to the village as the road crosses the...

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  • Bassus Green cottages
  • Capel house
  • Chancey hall
  • Clay End cottages (the oldest rectory)
  • Fairview cottage
  • Glebe cottage
  • Hawthorne cottage
  • Irving cottage
  • Laurels
  • Wealden house
  • Wych Elm cottage


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