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Test Pit 19-2: Walkern Mill

by janet on 29 July 2020

Alan and Rachel were superb hosts for our dig at the back of Walkern Mill. This turned out to be a very different dig, because it was out of the village and there were not the usual finds of ‘modern’ living, i.e. ceramics and building material. Our expert Keith had identified field markings in a field close by, indicating a possible Iron Age enclosure. We found Mesolithic worked flints (cores and debitage waste), and excitingly, blades from composite implements, i.e. flint ‘teeth’ that are attached to wooden shaft to make a composite tool such as an arrow. This is a rare find in Hertfordshire. Also exciting was our first piece of Neolithic pottery. Luckily, although this would easily have been overlooked by most of us at the dig, it was found by Nigel who knew what he was looking at!

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