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Test Pit 18-3: Near the ford

by janet on 26 July 2020

Moira and Philip kept us well supplied with refreshments for our test pit on the footpath near the ford, between the river and Bridgefoot barns.
2018 08 18 test pit Bridgefoot 15
As with other test pits we found struck flints, but also a possible burin spall – a flake of flint chipped off of a larger ‘burin’ to make a point for engraving or carving wood or bone – this would date from the Late Paleolithic, 12,000-50,000-12,000 years ago. We also found a stone that was worn flat and smooth on one side and possible used as a linen smoother or cloth polisher.

We found a small number of interesting ceramic fragments, including Mediaeval tile and pottery, and some Roman pottery sherds.

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