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Test Pit 18-2: 96 High Street

by janet on 26 July 2020

2018 06 09 Test pit 96 High Street 15A big thank you to Elizabeth, a delightful host for our dig at No 96 High Street. The building that has been, among other things, a harness makers shop, a grocers shop and a coffee house.


Finds included a lot of CBM (ceramic building material), assorted metal objects (e.g. nails), animal bone Roman tessera (mosaic piece), Mediaeval pottery and struck flint.

We also had a surprise donation of a Neolithic handaxe found in Winters Lane in the roots of an old, fallen tree a few years ago. It was made from a river pebble that was polished at one end, although part of the polished end was chipped. The Neolithic, or New Stone Age, was 10,000–4,500 BC.



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