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Test Pit 17-3 & 4: Glebe Farm

by janet on 24 July 2020

Test pits 3 & 4 were dug at the site of Glebe farm – photos can be seen below. Glebe Farm was located in the field at the corner of Church End and the High Street, opposite Glebe View. The farm, which belonged to the church, burned down in 1910 and only the granary remains as a landmark.

In test pit 3 we uncovered a large amount of 20th century glass and rubble (the site was possibly used as a dump after the fire) before finding a post-hole; in test pit 4 we found the base of a brick wall plus the floor surfaces inside the building and outside in the farmyard. Both features tie up with the photo of the farmyard shown below.

Glebe Farm find


One very pleasing find (seen on the right) is a metal fitting, possibly for a horse harness, engraved with the initials WG. The farmer who ran Glebe Farm from around 1890 until the fire that destroyed it, was William Gray.

Glebe Farm: test pit 3 photo gallery

Glebe Farm: test pit 4 photo gallery


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