A Walkern Timeline

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A timeline of Walkern History from the Iron Age to the present day. Click the links and photos for relevant pages on this site…

Period Date of
reign or event
Monarch / event Relevance to Walkern
Iron Age 700BC ? 43AD Celtic tribe the Catuvellauni occupied Hertfordshire
Iron Age finds in Walkern dating from 1st century AD
Roman rule 43-340AD Roman finds in Walkern
400s Romans give up control, raiders from north Germany and Scandinavia begin to settle

Early Middle Ages


757-796 King Offa (Saxon)
871-899 Alfred the Great Assembly of Saxons at Benington in 850.
In 878 the river Lea, and later Watling St, is boundary between Saxon kingdom of Mercia and Norse kingdom of Essex.
939-946 Edmund I
959-975 Edgar the Peaceful Saxon part of St Marys dates from 950-1000
975-978 Edward the Martyr

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I’d like to see history for 1730


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