Aerial photo of Stevenage Rd, 1964

by Tom on 21 September 2012 · 2 comments

An aerial photo of Stevenage Road, Walkern

Dated 1964, from Cecil Beadle’s Walkern

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Polly Macmillan (Pauline) March 24, 2013 at 5:15 pm

1. I remember the coal yard as always being busy and noisy.
3. I can remember the footpath across the field from Moors Ley to Froghall Lane, I used it to visit some of my school friends (Maureen Canning and Sheena Mulvie to name two of them). I lived at 136 High Street.
5. I was sent to the greenhouses by my Mother, Joyce Swain, to buy the sweetest tomatoes I have ever tasted. They didn’t always all get home.
6. The sheds mentioned at Finches Farm housed cattle and in the winter they had enormous icicles hanging from the low roofs. I believe there was a footpath running between the sheds and the Garage.
What changes there have been since I lived in the village (1948 – 1967)
Wasn’t the field in the foreground, right, a football pitch?


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