Sanitary Committee minutes 1856-1859

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Minutes of the Walkern Sanitary Committee

HALS Ref D/P 114 24/1


[In the hand of George Beecroft unless otherwise stated]

21 June 1856
A Vestry meeting for the purpose of putting into force the Nuisance Act and endeavour to check the fever laying at that time in the village.

The following persons were chosen as committee men
The Rev John Harding in the Chair
Mr Thomas Rowlatt, guardian
Mr Edward Pearman, churchwarden
Samuel Porter, surveyor
Robert Hill, surveyor
John Martn, saddler
Thomas Garratt, gentleman
George Beecroft, overseer


Monday 30 June 1856
Examined the following premises for sanitary purposes, report of same
1st Carpenter, no proper privy accommodation, cottages in a very bad state. The only privy to the middle cottage and much to (sic) near causing very bad smells. 7 cases of fever, 1 death.

2nd Dilley?s cottages, in a worst state if possible. Bad privy accommodation, a filth hole at the back running into the road, 5 cases of fever, 1 death.

3rd Mr Overill?s. The privy and yard drainage running at the back of Dilley?s into the same drainage causing an overflow and very bad smells. 1 death from fever.

4th The Rev John Harding. Bad drainage from the cottage yard causing stagnant water etc in the Church Lane road.


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