1923 correspondence to Queen Annes Bounty re Rectory barn fire

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1923 correspondence to Queen Annes Bounty re barn fire
Source: HALS D/P 114/6/2

NB: Queen Anne?s Bounty, 1704
The Govereners of the bounty of Queen Anne, for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor Clergy. To form a perpetual fund for the augmentation of poor livings.


Letter from Rev Gibbs, Walkern Rectory to The Secretary, Queen Anne?s Bounty, 3 Deans Yard, SW1
14 August 1923

Dear Sirs
I must apologise for not having written to inform you earlier that the barn attached to this rectory was burnt down on June 6th of this year. When the fire broke out I was absent on my honeymoon, and have only just realised that the Insurance Policy is in the names of the rector & Queen Anne?s Bounty.

The Ecclesiastical Insurance Office were informed within a few days of the fire & sent down their representative to insect the buildings; this was done by the churchwarden in my absence. Will it be your wish that I get the local builder to put in an estimate for reinstatement on which to make a claim.

Actual building will not I suppose be necessary as the barn was built in the days when tithe was collected in kind. The patrons of the Living (kings College, Cambridge) do not require this & it does seem to be unnecessary.

I am quite unable to state for the benefit of the Insurance Co the value of the building before the fire i.e. ?the cost price less depreciation, if any, caused by ordinary wear & tear since date of purchase?.
I remain
Yours faithfully


Letter from Rev Gibbs, Walkern Rectory to Messrs Day & Son, 2 Millbank House, SW1
23 August 1923

Dear Sirs
The Tithe Barn, situate on the west side of the yard adjoining the north side of the Rectory here, was burnt down on 6th June of this year.
I am not anxious that it should be rebuilt & understand that under ? the Ecclesiastical Delapidations Act 1871? or some other Act formal leave can be obtained which obviates this necessity.
I shall be much obliged if you will obtain this for me. The Patrons are Kings College, Cambridge. The Diocese is St. Albans.
Kings College have already said that they do not require it rebuilt.
I remain
Yours faithfully


Letter from Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Ltd, 11 Norfolk Street, Strand, London WC2 to Rev FAW Gibbs, Walkern Rectory
17 October 1923

Dear Sir
It may interest you to know that we are to-day sending a cheque for

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