1783 Lease of land including Walkern Windmill

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1783 Lease of land held by Samuel Mason to Benjamin Heath, including Walkern windmill

HALS Ref: 9681 and 9683

[This document has been edited to make it easier to read]

Made the first day of January in the year of our lord 1783 Between Samuel Mason of the parish of Walkern in the County of Hertford, farmer ? and the Reverend Benjamin Heath Doctor in Divinity Rector of Walkern.

Whereas there is a lease of certain lands in the said parish of Walkern subsisting between the Right Honourable the Earl of Essex and the said Samuel Mason for twenty years from Michaelmas 1768 Old Stile of which term six years remain unexpired from Michaelmas last, past the date of these present And in the subsisting lease leave or licence is given by the Earl to Samuel Mason to let or demise the meadow Ground and common field lands.

Now this indenture witnesseth that the said Samuel Mason ? doth demise lease set and to form let unto the said Benjamin Heath?

All that piece or stile of arable land in Cowick Common field containing by estimation one acre more or less bounded on the West by the hedge of lower Cowick field in the east by Cowick Close belonging to the said Benjamin Heath from which it is not separated. On the north by Cowick Common on which windmill now stands. On the south by Great Longlands belonging to Mr Adams.

Also that part of Walkernbury Church Mead containing by estimation two acres and one rood more or less, abutting on the south to land of Miss P Nicholls; on the west to ditto in part, on the rectory in part and the lands of John Chambers Davids esquire in part; and on the north and east on land belonging to the said Earl of Essex.

Together with all ways paths passages water watercourses profits commodities and Appurtenances whatsoever to the said promises hereby demised belonging or in any wise appertaining [to the] said piece of Meadow land and said piece of Arable land ? from the feast day of St Michael Old Stile [for] the term of six years hence? to pay yearly and every year unto the said Samuel Mason? the yearly rent or sum of five pounds? and also paying Samuel Mason [for every acre of Meadow Ground that Benjamin Heath shall plough up or convert into tillage the sum of five pounds]? And also that the said Benjamin Heath and executors shall and will at his own costs and charges from time to time during all the said term well and sufficiently repair amend scower and cleanse all and every the gates stiles hedges ditches courses and ffences of and to the said promises? If the yearly rents or any parcel of them shall be behind or unpaid by the space of 31 days or if not sufficiently repaired amended scowered

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