Misc documents

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Miscellaneous documents, such as a 1783 lease of land including the windmill, an 1881 auction notice for the Stockbridge Bakery and a subscription list & correspondence about enlarging St Mary’s churchyard in 1888

1783 Lease of land including Walkern Windmill

1783 Lease of land held by Samuel Mason to Benjamin Heath, including Walkern windmill HALS Ref: 9681 and 9683 [This document has been edited to make it easier to read] Made the first day of January in the year of our lord 1783 Between Samuel Mason...

1881 auction of Stockbridge premises

[With many thanks to John Hill] [See also the Bakers of Walkern ] Walkern, Hertfordshire Between Stevenage and Buntingford About four miles from Stevenage Station, on the Great Northern Railway

1888 Enlargement of Walkern churchyard

Correspondence regarding the enlargement of the churchyard of St Mary's, Walkern, in 1888 Source: HALS D/P 114/6/2 Specifications: For new fence back of church from Church Leys Gate to Wicket Gate in walk leading to church about 305 feet Fence to...

1910 Glebe Cottage alteration

Application and consent to Glebe Cottage alteration following 1910 fire Source: HALS D/P 114/6/2 The Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act 1871 Diocese of St Albans Benefice of Walkern Application and consent to variation of works To the Right Reverend...

1923 correspondence to Queen Annes Bounty re Rectory barn fire

1923 correspondence to Queen Annes Bounty re barn fire Source: HALS D/P 114/6/2 NB: Queen Anne?s Bounty, 1704 The Govereners of the bounty of Queen Anne, for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor Clergy. To form a perpetual fund for the...


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