1859 P.O. Directory of Herts: Walkern

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1859 P.O. Directory of Herts: Walkern

Source: HALS

[Including notes on locations in present day Walkern]

Population in 1851 = 738
A National school was built in 1834 to which an additional room was added by the rector, containing about 100 children, under a mistress and two Government pupil-teachers.

Private residents
Beecroft, Mr George
Garratt, Mr Thomas
Harding, Rev John M.A. (Rector)
Pryor, John Izzard Esq., Clay Hall

Aburn, Nathan, shopkeeper, Clay End
Adams, Thomas, farmer, Walkern Park Farm
Allison, James, shopkeeper & beer retailer (1851 census: Robin Hood & Little John)
Aylott, George, carpenter
Aylott jnr, George, shopkeeper
Bray, William, wheelwright & smith
Bridges, Lydia (Mrs), farmer, Clay End
Cannon, Owen, panterer?
Cock, Charles, blacksmith
Dickerson, Joseph, shoemaker
Dickinson, John, beer retailer, Clay End
Dilley, Phillip, ?Red Lion? & shopkeeper
Ditcher, Jane (Mrs), Mistress of National School
Elliott, Edward, ?White Lion?
Elliott, Henry, ?Yew Tree? & bricklayer
Green, William, carpenter & Parish Clerk
Hill, Robert, farmer, The Bury [Walkernbury Farm]
Elliot Kitchener, John, shopkeeper
Knott, James, shopkeeper
Martin, John, harness maker
Pearman, Daniel, baker & P.O.
Pearman, Edward, farmer, Boxbury Farm
David Pearman, George, miller, Walkern Mill
Pearman, Thomas, farmer, Rooks Nest
Pearman, William, farmer, Bridgefoot farm
Pettit, George, plumber & glazier
Porter, Samuel, farmer
Rowlatt, Thomas & Sons, farmers, Walkern Place
Rust, John, tailor
Savage, William, farmer, Bassetts Green Farm
Spriggins, William, shoemaker
Stockbridge, Thomas, baker & corn dealer
Taylor, Sydney John, butcher
Woollaston, William, farmer
Wright, Samuel, maltster & farmer

Post Office: Daniel Pearman postmaster, letters through Buntingford arrive at 9am, dispatched at 5pm in winter and 6pm in summer. The nearest money order office is at Stevenage.

National School: Mrs Jane Ditcher, mistress

Carrier: Owen Cannon to Hertford on Saturdays and returns same day.

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