Walkern Football wins the Double, 1971

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The Double!


From the Evening Post, Monday 10 May 1971

ARSENAL weren?t the only team celebrating a double yesterday. The sharpshooters of the Robin Hood pub at Walkern completed their own soccer double ? and in their first season in the league.

They had clinched the championship of Division Three of the Stevenage Sunday League already and yesterday nerves were stretched in a mini-Wembley atmosphere as they set about lifting the division?s League Cup from Varden Sports.

And they didn?t need to go into extra time to make sure. One up at half-time, they got over the setback of an equaliser for Laurie Tate to bang home the winner and they were heading for the silverware department again.

So it was celebration time at the Robin Hood, and if they couldn?t afford the champagne toasts that were flowing around Highbury, they were certainly just as pleased with themselves as the beer and shandy was downed by the cupful.

Not Bad

And while the ghost of Herbert Chapman smiled on the wealthy Gunners it was the face of the great benefactor of the poor ? Robin Hood ? who turned a watchful eye on the celebrations down Walkern Way.

And the merry men of Walkern reckon they have more to crow about than Arsenal. After all, the Football league giants have been around for donkeys? years while the punters from the public bar are mere infants.

?We only formed the team last year? said manager Alf Betts, who just happens to be landlord at the Robin Hood as well. ?That?s not bad going to do the double in our first season?.

All the players come from Walkern and are no strangers to the patrons of the pub, although it?s probably best not to go into the technical differences between the training methods of Bertie Mee and Alf Betts?

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