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1970 Pumpkin Competition

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1970 Pumpkin Competition at the White Lion

‘The Giant’

Gladys Bathgate, landlady of the White Lion, and other winners on the 1970 competition

Report of the 1970 Pumpkin competition in an unknown paper

Pumpkin man Les Tucker was determined that this year he was going to produce the biggest heaviest pumpkin in Walkern. But by the time the village show came round his pumpkins were still weightless footballs instead of the lead balloons he dreamed of. So Les, who works at ICL in Stevenage, made his own pumpkin. A concrete one.

?I was determined to win this year? he said ?But my pumpkins were so small I didn?t stand a chance.?

It took three men to carry Les?s three-hundredweight concrete pumpkin into the White Lion at Walkern, after he?d brought it by truck from his home at Chancey Hall.

The moulded concrete pumpkin looked a convincing winner ? until one of Les?s helpers dropped it on his toe and let out a yell.

The the judges looked closely ? and declared the concrete pumpkin a non-runner.


But Les was not too upset ? although he hasn?t won the contest since he swept the board at the first one nine years ago.

But if Mr Tucker was unable to grow a competitive pumpkin in his garden there were others who did. Duncan Saunders won first prize with a giant 71

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