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1963 Pumpkin Competition

by janet on 6 August 2012 · 1 comment

1963 Pumpkin Competition at the White Lion

Can you help us put names to faces?

Report in an unknown newspaper of the 1963 Pumpkin competition

Although due to an unsuitable season exhibits were smaller than last year at the second annual general meeting of the ICT 1/3 Factory Pumpkin Club, held at the White Lion, Walkern, last Thursday, an increased membership was reported and a convivial evening was spent by members, officials and guests of the club.

All exhibits had to be brought packed and one member attempted to improve the prestige of the club by including half a barrowload of bricks in his box.

A magnificent specimen weighing 51lb won the first prize for Mr Leslie Tucker of Walkern, last year?s runner-up, and hon secretary of the club. There was a sharp drop to the second prizewinner, novice pumpkin grower Mr Roy Ellis of Letchworth, who exhibited a nicely shaped 20-pounder. Mr Reg Hulyer, also of Letchworth, was third with an exhibit just under 17lb.

Mr Ron Satterthwaite, last year?s winner, was knocked out of the running this year by a mysterious blight which caused his entry to be not only small but misshapen.

The remainder of the entries were quite small with the excpetion of a a 42lb concrete cannon ball painted yellow and decorated with leaves, a nattily dressed pumpkin with head and arms, a vegetable marrow and a water melon complete with a foreign label.

Denis Towley, the ?chief roller?, who owes his skill at handling pumpkins to his membership of Baldock Cricket Club, had a much lighter task this year, but he has been advised to be in strict training for next year.

1963 Pumpkin competition at the White Lion

1963 Pumpkin competition at the White Lion

Winners of the 1963 Pumpkin competition

Novelty pumpkin

Novelty pumpkin

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Duncan Everett August 2, 2013 at 9:16 pm

I have sent the pictures to mt Mum and she thinks as well as me that the fella standing to the right of Les Tucker in the press photo is my Grandad, Walter Mcnamara, also in the 3rd photo down. They lived at 6 Winters Lane up till about 1973.

He always entered the competition and grew a pumpkin on top of the septic tank my mum remembers.


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