Wright’s Brewery

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Wright’s Brewery

This section will include articles on the Wright’s Victoria Brewery, established in Walkern by Samuel Wright in the mid nineteenth century

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A 1973 interview with Fred Wright

A 1973 interview with Fred Wright By Bob Bruce for the December 1973 issue of the Walkern Journal Beermaking in the early middle ages was a domestic chore, starting from monasteries. Most Inns had a brew house attached - and its own special brew....

Adverts & photos

Advertisements & photographs of Wright's Brewery, Walkern

1908 A Visit to Wright's Brewery

?Which is both Healthful and Good.? Brewing at Walkern An Extract from The St James' Review, Jan 1908 - a copy marked "With the compliments of Messrs S Wright & Co, Walkern, Hert's" A brewery, as we know it at the present time, is a comparatively...

Aerial photo of Wright's Brewery

Aerial photo of Wright's Brewery Probably in 1964. From Cecil Beadle's Walkern collection  

Brewery House

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