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1851, George Aylott breaks his leg

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George Aylott breaks his leg

Reported in the Hertford Mercury & Reformer, 31 May 1851

A serious accident occurred to Mr Aylott, builder and landlord of the Red Lion Inn, Walkern, on the 23rd instant. It appears that Mr Aylott bought a quantity of timber at the late sale at John?s Wood near the above place, and on Friday he went with his son and two of his men, to cut some of it down, As they were sawing one of the trees, a gust of wind suddenly threw it down. Mr Aylott, when he saw the tree falling, called out to the other men to get out of the way, but, unfortunately, had not time to escape himself, and the tree fell upon him. He was soon extricated from his perilous position, when it was found that his left leg was broken and very much bruised. He was speedily conveyed to his own house, where Mr Smith, surgeon, of Stevenage, attended him. The other men had a narrow escape with their lives. Mr Aylott is going on well.

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