1849 Floods between Walkern & Cromer

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Floods between Walkern & Cromer, 1849

A letter from WW Malet, Vicar of Ardeley, in the Hertford Mercury & Advertiser, 10 March 1849

(To the Editor of the Hertford Mercury)

Sir,? With reference to your notice, in last week?s Mercury, of the flood accident between Walkern and Cromer, on Wednesday the 28th ult., by which two horses were drowned, and when Mr.Lilley?s carter, by name ? Helston? (if I remember right), behaved so well and escaped so providentially I beg leave to inform you and your readers that J.I. Pryor Esq., of Clay Hall. Met the whole of the farmers and myself at the spot on Monday, the 5th instant; and, by the example of that gentleman, who owns some of the meadow land on the east side of the road, it was agreed by the several owners and occupiers of the meadow to open the watercourse which runs through them, so that the stream shall be prevented overflowing the road in future.

It was agreed et the same time that the Ardeley and Clothall surveyors of roads should meet as soon as possible. to determine to which parish it belongs, either to fence off or fill up the hole into which the horses fell, as it appears from the parish map of Ardeley that the road belongs to Clothall, though the repair of it has rested with both parishes, in certain portions along the said flat.

It was also agreed that water posts shall be placed at the foot-bridge near Cromer.

I am informed by the oldest inhabitants at Cromer that, though the floods have frequently caused great inconvenience along that road, yet this is the first ?accident? that has occurred within their memory; and I can testify to the same for the last five years. From the readiness with which every one came forward to endeavour to remove the cause of the late lamented loss, so as to ensure safety for the future, I cannot help thinking that the inhabitants would have been animated by the same feeling under any like circumstances, had the accident, or even danger, been reported to the parochial authorities of Ardeley.

Apologising for this hastily-written letter, I remain, Sir, your obedient humble servant.

W.W Malet

Vicar of Ardeley, and Chairman of its Vestry

Ardeley Vicarage, near Buntingfors

7th March 1849

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