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1823: James Winter steals some shoes

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1823: James Winter steals some shoes

Reported in Hertford Mercury & Reformer, 18 July 1823

James Winter was indicted for stealing, at Walkern, on the 23rd April, a pair of shoes, the property of Edward Camp. The prisoner had been convicted on a former occasion of a capital offence and the punishment of death was commuted to twelve months? imprisonment and the tread mill in the House of Correction. Almost as soon as he was liberated he returned to his old habits, and was now brought to trial for the above mentioned offence.

The facts of the case were clearly established. In his defence he called two witnesses to prove that they had seen him pick up the shoes in question in the road; but it appearing to the jury that this was a fabricated story, they, under the direction of the learned Judge, found the prisoner guilty, and, being an incorrigible thief, he was sentenced to seven years? transportation.


James Winters was 21 when he was received into the prison hulk Ganymede on 23 July 1823. It appears that rather than being transported, he

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