1337: Slaying of Thomas le Gardyner

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The slaying of Thomas le Gardyner in 1337

From Walkern Court Manor Rolls dated 26 June 1337 [as reported in Walkern Local History Notes by H & M Venster]

1337 Walkern Court Leet (HALS 9334)

The jurors say upon their oath that on Sunday next after the feast of the Holy Trinity William le Maners came to the house of Isabel formerly wife of Robert le Gardyner with force and arms and there in the garden of the foresaid Isabel by the assent of the same Isabel le Gardyner with bow and arrow wounded and slew Thomas le Gardyner when going into the lane from the garden of the foresaid Robert le Gardyner. And that the foresaid Isabel was a favourer, shelterer and maintainer after the foresaid deed of the same William until he fled To the church. And upon this the foresaid Isabel fled the country.

Therefore for which deed, forsooth, there have been seized unto the lord?s hand 8 acres of uncultivated land.

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